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  • The best doctor I've ever had! Dr. Lomas is an outstanding surgeon and an extremely compassionate person. His entire staff is very friendly and I have never had to wait for an appointment more than 30 SECONDS past the scheduled time
  • One of the best doctors, i've ever met. Such a positive doctor with reassuring words and smile, I started feeling better quickly afterwards and recovered soon with physio per his instructions. I am posting this review after many months of my visit as i often thank him for his compassion
  • I appreciated his transparency about his reasons for diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Considering how many patients he sees per day, I felt attended to as an individual. He showed great interest and care for my unique needs. Also, his demeanor was very calm and soothing: very helpful for my anxiety.

Novel Techniques

  • What is a BEAR ACL repair?

    The Bridge-Enhanced ACL Repair (BEAR) technique involves reattaching a patient's own ACL stump to where it pulled off and augmenting this with a specialized collagen implant. The technique is only indicated in unique cases.Dr. Lomas has been at the forefront of judiciously identifying whom it could most benefit and is spearheading research on BEAR.

  • What is an augmented rotator cuff repair?

    Many rotator cuff tears, especially large and massive ones, have a high risk of re-tearing after repair. Several novel techniques and implants may now minimize this risk. Dr. Lomas employs a bespoke combination of strategies using a patient's own tissue and selected implants to augment rotator cuff repairs.

  • What is a bespoke osteotomy?

    In conjunction with cartilage and meniscus preservation surgery or as a standalone technique, leg bones sometimes need to be realigned to optimize leg alignment, a procedure known as an osteotomy. Using 3D printed guides, Dr. Lomas aligns the leg bone precisely and secures the osteotomy with made-to-measure plates.

  • What are orthobiologics?

    Growth factors derived from blood, also known as PRP (platelet rich plasma), and concentrated bone marrow aspirate can be used in selected cases to amplify the body's healing response, either as a nonoperative strategy or in conjunction with surgery.

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Dr. Lomas on the Radio

Dr. Lomas cohosts the Sports Medicine Show on Sirius XM Channel 110 with Dr. Dennis Cardone and Dr. Joe Bosco. In his idiosyncratic but always scientifically sound and respectful way, he interviews top athletes, researchers and authors to mine them for their perspective on sports-related health, injury prevention and treatment. You can listen to him every Thursday morning from 6-8am.

Dr. Lomas in Radio